Dairy Tomorrow strategy

The Dairy Tomorrow Strategy is focussed on the key challenges and opportunities that face the dairy sector today – and importantly, into the future.

While the current pace and amount of change can seem overwhelming, it’s important to recognise there is a plan and it is achievable. The Dairy Tomorrow Strategy is that plan.

With input from across the sector, the strategy brings together key partners who are working towards a shared vision for the future of dairy.  It will guide us as we tackle challenges and work together to do the right thing.

Having a shared vision and strategy allows us to take control of our own destiny, set our own path and give us a compelling voice in the face of unprecedented change.

If we work together to adapt and thrive, NZ dairy has a strong future.


Our vision

Our beliefs and positions

  • We believe that sustainable dairy farming has a critical role to play in New Zealand’s future prosperity and wellbeing.
  • We are committed to successfully farming within environmental limits.
  • We are committed to maximising value from New Zealand milk while preserving the benefits of our pasture-based system.
  • We take responsibility for caring for our people, animals and the environment, and will not tolerate failure to comply with the rules that protect them.
  • We are committed to greater transparency, openness and working together.


Our guiding principles

Bold – We will be bold in our aspirations and fronting our challenges.

Open – We will be open and transparent in our positions, progress, and performance.

Innovative – We will embrace new technology and new ways of working to solve our challenges and secure our opportunities.

Collaborative – We will partner and collaborate with other sectors and civil society.