Competitive and resilient dairy businesses

We will build the world’s most competitive and resilient dairy farming businesses

We will meet this commitment by:

  • investing in innovation and adoption to push out on-farm performance boundaries on research farms and in wide-spread practice, surpassing our international competitors and meeting the sustainability targets of our communities.
  • assisting individual farming businesses to be structured and managed in a way that provides resilience against volatility and change.
  • working to reduce the risk to the farming business and New Zealand’s natural resources from biosecurity incursions through a focus on promoting best practice systems and processes.
  • leveraging the benefits of new digital and other technologies, supporting farmers and the sector by enhancing data connectivity, decision making and transparent reporting.


  • Develop benchmarks and targets for international competitiveness, resilience, sustainability and community expectations for our future farm systems to achieve. From 2019 report annually on the performance of research farms and the wider sector against these benchmarks and targets.
  • By 2020, join with government and industry investors to develop and implement a co-funded, sector led ‘National Science Challenge’ for dairying to deliver the next generation of tested, cutting-edge science and technology solutions for future farm systems.
  • By 2025, 10% of dairy farms annually will have completed a whole farm assessment to identify and capture improvements in farm performance, with annual improvements in business performance and resilience measures reported from DairyBase.
  • By 2020, improve data connectivity so that farmers’ need for valid data can be met by authorised data exchange between organisations.
  • Develop initiatives to reduce the risk and impact on farm profitability and productivity, of biosecurity incursions.

What we have achieved

Farm Gauge 

DairyNZ have been launched a tool that allows farmers to assess their farm’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement.  Farm Gauge provides a suite of assessments that help farmers to identify and capture improvements in farm performance.  For more information, click here.

Economic Impact of Dairy

DCANZ have been working with NZIER on analysis of the flow-on benefits of dairy’s revenue generation.  This has resulted in the report ‘How does the dairy sector share its growth?’, which provides understanding of how the dairy trade supports inclusive growth in New Zealand regions and communities. 

Secondary School Agribusiness

The dairy sector has been working with St Paul’s Collegiate School, Beef and Lamb, 11 business partners and 40 partner schools on Phase 1 of the Agribusiness Centre of Excellence program establishing Levels 2 and 3 NCEA in 25 Secondary Schools. This provides students with the opportunity to study agribusiness as an entry into the primary sector from Secondary Schools.  For more information, click here.

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