Current strategy
achievements & lessons

Achievements from implementation of the current Strategy

  • The Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord goals, with 6 out of 11 targets achieved, and another three on track, including nearly 100% of waterways now fenced
  • The establishment of the Primary Industries Capability Alliance and launch of ‘GrowingNZ’, to promote careers in the primary sector, reaching more than 60% of secondary schools and 38,000 students
  • The Sustainable Dairying: Workplace Action Plan to assist dairy farming businesses to adopt good workplace and people management practices
  • Progress on research outcomes that are key to reducing dairy’s environmental footprint, including reducing nitrogen loss and GHG emissions
  • Building leadership and capability of farmers and rural professionals to respond to new expectations of farming, including through development programmes, training and certification.

Key lessons from implementation of the current Strategy

  • The importance of investing significantly and for the long term to find solutions that support sustainability. Real progress has been made in areas such as reducing nitrogen loss and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and over time this research will provide farmers with options to maximise the efficiency of the resources they use while reducing negative environmental impacts.
  • Making changes takes time. Dairy farming is a complex biological system that is faced with the challenge of responding to the ever-increasing pace of change in expectations from customers, communities, and regulators. Creating innovation in science, data systems, technology, and farming practices is going to be critical in ensuring the sustainability of dairy farming in New Zealand.
  • Better outcomes are achieved where the sector is proactive, has well established relationships, collaborative frameworks and demonstrates leadership. Having targets and goals gives direction to investment and effort, and provides for transparency on performance.

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