World leading in animal care

World leading animal care defined

What do we mean when we talk about world leading animal care? Defining this has been a crucial milestone in our efforts to gain clarity on what we want to achieve through our Dairy Tomorrow commitment to be world leading in animal care. DairyNZ recognised the importance of engaging with multiple groups in this process, and hearing their voices in the definition. The outcome is a diagram which shows the different views each group has on world leading animal care and the interactions and commonalities between the groups.

What we have achieved

Farmer working groups came together to think about the standards on farm that would ensure we are world leading in animal care. Dairy Farmers who have high standards of care worked together over four sessions to look at the practical application of world leading animal care.

The passion these farmers have for their cows was clear. They came up with a Bronze Silver Gold tiered framework, providing options for continuous improvement in the areas of nutrition, the cows’ environment, health and behaviour. The groups also recognised the impact people have on animal care, so an additional people section was included.